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SMART Carpet Provides Product Information to Inquiring Shoppers

SMART Carpet is a “mill direct” supplier. This means that SMART Carpet does not waste space and money on large stores and idle inventory. Owing to their unique position as a “mill direct” purchaser, SMART Carpet is able to save customers as much as half off the prices typically found at retail flooring resellers. SMART Carpet acquires new carpet and flooring directly from manufacturers and delivers it personally to customers’ homes. With affordable products and unbeatable warranties, SMART Carpet has grown into one of the most reputable carpet and flooring suppliers in the tri-state area.

In their ongoing commitment to customers, SMART Carpet freely provides useful information to the shopping public about the many carpet and flooring choices available on the market. According to SMART Carpet, hardwood is one of the most recognized and sought after flooring materials on the market. Before purchasing carpet or flooring, SMART Carpet advises customers to learn all they can about the types, strengths and weaknesses of wood flooring.

Depending upon the local climate, explains the knowledgeable staff at SMART Carpet, some species of wood are more suitable for installation than others. And just as there are many species of solid hardwood to choose from, SMART Carpet adds that wood flooring is also available as engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is just like it sounds, says SMART Carpet, the same type of wood all the way through the floor layer. Solid hardwood flooring is more aesthetically pure, says SMART Carpet, but it is more likely to split in arid environments.

SMART Carpet explains that engineered wood is made of strong layers of pressed particle wood that is covered with a veneer called a wear layer. The wear layer, says SMART Carpet, is made from any of the most popular and sought after hardwoods, like cherry, cypress, walnut, or hickory, to name a few. SMART Carpet points out that engineered hardwood with a quality wear layer is more affordable and more resistant to weathering than solid hardwood flooring.

SMART Carpet carries hardwood flooring materials from some of the nation’s most reputable manufacturers. Additionally, SMART Carpet is the exclusive carrier of Intellawood, an innovative new hardwood. SMART Carpet explains that Intellawood is a new scotchguard treated hardwood flooring that is stain and wear resistant. Intellawood has all the prized qualities of classic hardwood, concludes SMART Carpet, with the added value of scotchguard protection.